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We are more than just a spa or beauty salon.
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Who We Are

We live in a fast-paced world that’s surrounded by stress and pressure, and the last thing we’d want is for these factors to be evident on our skin. Humans as we are, we seek the fountain of youth — or, simply, happiness and contentment. One way to achieve the satisfaction that we are looking for is to be healthy. Health, in this sense, entails overall wellness. At LaGuel Wellness, we are passionate about helping people maintain and improve their well-being by making them feel fresh and beautiful. We help people age gracefully, providing various ways for our clients to forget about their qualms and worries — especially when it comes to their skin.

LaGuel Wellness is not only a spa; it is also a haven where people can get the skin treatments that they need. Whether they need aesthetic solutions for their face or body, or they simply want to have better-looking eyebrows and nails — LaGuel Wellness is the right choice! Our team of experts is always excited to help clients improve their beauty from within and maintain the health of their skin.

Our Mission & Vision Statement

At LaGuel Wellness our mission is to provide high-end, effective and innovative treatments that will benefit our client needs. Our non- invasive treatment with a result-oriented product that helps to achieve and maintain healthy-looking skin. Our vision is to recognize as one of the best Spa in helping people to enhance their skin.

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